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Qi-Home Cell

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This product is designed and engineered with German patented technology to provide you and your family a true sanctuary against EMFs and radiation frequency. Enjoy the relief of being protected from harmful and damaging EMFs in the home. Apart from the benefits of living safe from cell phone radiation, WiFi, electrical frequencies, electro-magnetic frequencies - also receive FREE shipping on this product.

The Qi-Home Cell is safe for you, kids, and pets!

Qi-Home for private use has a positive effect in 5 different fields:
1. Energizing water
2. Generation of vital energy
3. Less influence from radiation on our body
4. Air improvement
5. Healthy groceries

Reach of efficacy: 3,000 sqft
Metrics: 1 ft. diameter / 33cm diameter
Height: 4,7 in. / 12 cm
weight: ca. 20 lb. / 9 kg

Should be placed in the living area.

Qi-Home has a positive effect in the following fields:

1. Energizing water
Every Qi-Home contains a technology that combines a wealth of artesian curative springs found in the world. Via frequencies the quality of these healing waters is transferred to every piece of water located in the reach of efficacy. It makes no difference whether it is stored in a bottle or a water pipe. It is not necessary to attach the Qi-Home to a water conduit.

2. Generation of vital energy
Qi-Home generates its own field of vital energy and produces free electrons. This technique is unique and makes our products exceptional. The free electrons help to neutralize free radicals in and outside the body.

Qi-Home users report on a better sleep and more energy the next morning.

3. Less influenced by radiation
Qi-Home can protect all residents of an apartment or one family home against all harmful radiation caused by the influences such as mobile phone radiation and electric smog.

4. Air improvement
Air contains water. The water molecules are positively influenced and the number of negative ions increase. As a result, the quality of the inside air is enhanced.

5. Healthy groceries
Most of the groceries that can be purchased are riddled with pesticides, fungal and mold spores along with other harmful substances. Qi-Home eliminates the contaminant energy out of the water, in your groceries.

The most efficient way to set up Qi-Home is at a central place in the living area with the golden side upwards. After only 12 hours your field of energy will be completely generated.

Lasts for 10 years on single charge. Contact us to recharge your Qi-Home Cell product.

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What Are EMFs?

Electrical appliances produce toxic electromagnetic fields (EMFs). These fields can layer, one upon the other, creating a harmful level of radiation. That’s why the kitchen is a hot spot for harmful EMFs…but other rooms are affected, too.

Sadly, our modern technologies weren’t required to be tested for health consequences before they rapidly became a need in our everyday lives. In a short decade, there has been more and more evidence that cell phone EMFs or radiation can lead to cancer, but the mere possibility of EMF involvement in brain cancer, diabetes, headaches, ADHD, or leukemia in our children is cause for concern.

Schools in Europe are finding more and more effects of EMFs in children that are causing learning challenges. Germany is leading the movement to reduce emf radiation and exposure to our children and to adults in the work place. The need to be aware and protected is crucial in this day and age and is only going to get worse.

How Do EMFs Harm You?

Most of the EMFs or radiation in the home come from 2 sources: Your Cell Phone and your kitchen. And most of the radiation that we are exposed to comes in the form of microwave radiation.

Microwave radiation is from non-thermal radiation. In a recent interview with a renowned doctor Martin Pall, Ph.D., who has identified and published several papers describing the molecular mechanisms of how EMFs from cellphones and wireless technologies damage plants, animals and humans, he found that radiation and EMFs lead to a higher production of free radicals and cancer causing oxidative stress in the body on the cellular level.

Symptoms of EMF/Radiation exposure:
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Autism
  • Alzheimer
Common Heart problem and symptoms:
  • Heart Palpitations
  • Cardiac arrhythmia (sudden cardiac death)
  • Tachycardia (fast heartbeat) and brachycardia (slow heartbeat)

How To Protect Yourself From EMFs?

Protecting yourself form EMFs is easier said than done. The real problem is the continual evolution of new signals, technology, and frequencies. our technology is getting more advanced and signals are getting stronger and stronger. With no regulation in place to monitor the affects on your body, more and more diseases are on the rise.

After much research and discover, we partnered with Qi Technologies …[pronounced: key-tek-nologies]!

Qi Tech is German patented technology that found the ultimate weakness in harmful radiation. Most typical EMF protection devices work much the same way that a noise cancellation headset would work. They would provide an opposite frequency that cancels out the EMF frequency. Other devices will work to overpower current EMF frequencies re-tuning them in the end. Its like throwing a pebble into a pond and seeing the ripples and then immediately throwing a larger rock into the water and seeing the larger ripples re-tune or overcome the smaller pebble’s ripples.

Our technology is vastly different! the problem with the pebble type emf devices is that you always assume your device is the larger rock. But what happens when the 5G network mainstreams or 6G in the future. Your device was designed to fight the pebble that existed at the time that your purchased your typical EMF device.

Our business model isn’t one that hopes that better technology comes out so that we can always sell you the next best EMF device.

Instead we found a patented technology that works against the fundamentals of EMF radiation. Harmful EMFs and radiation carry a positive charge in the home and when it washes over your body it produces free radicals in the body.
This is bad.

Our device uses Exclusion Zone Water in a positioned specifically to form a vortex or field of electrons that are in the air and resting upon our skin, clothes, plants, our water, vegetables, food etc. This creates a blanket of negatively charged particles that react to neutralize the harmful EMFs in your home or car.
This is good.

This creates an antioxidant role in the body and in the home all around us.

Qi Technology is designed and engineered with German patented technology to provide you and your family a true sanctuary against EMFs and radiation frequency.

Enjoy the relief of being protected from harmful and damaging EMFs while on the go! Apart from the benefits of living safe from cell phone radiation, WiFi, electrical frequencies, electro-magnetic frequencies, etc – also receive FREE shipping on this product.


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